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Halima Mein Tery Muqadaran tu Sadkay

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Duration of Fast in Ramadan

Doing Sehri Late [Sahih Bukhari : volume 3, Book 31, Number 140] Narrated Hazrat Adi bin Hatim (Radi Allah Anhu): When the above verses was revealed: “Until the white thread appears to you , distinct from the black thread,” I … Continue reading

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Dua before Iftaar/Iftarri

Once Moosa (AS) asked Allah Subhaana’O’Ta’ala: O Allah! You have granted me the honor and privilege of talking to you directly, Have you given this privilege to any other person? Allah Ta’ala replied, O!! Moosa during the last period I … Continue reading

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Sadaqat-ul-fitr – Fitrana in Ramadan/Before Eid-ul-Fitr

Click here to find out the***Amount of ‘Sadqa-e-Fitr’ (Fitrana) for 2009*** Sadaqat-ul-fitr is an obligation for every Muslim, male or female, who owns 613.35 grams of silver or its equivalent, either in the form of money, ornaments, stock-in-trade, or in … Continue reading

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Holy Quran Translation different languages

I am able to find out Translation of Holy Quran in the following languages. Click in the links to download .pdf files (to read/view these files you need adobe acrobat reader) فارس Kazakh Türkçe Yorùbá BrahuiBrohi Hausa Tamil Malayalam Somali … Continue reading

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Dua for Sehri & iftaar (Fasting in Ramadan) -Arabic, Roman Urdu and English

Wa bissawmi ghadann nawaitu min shahri ramadan ‘I intend to keep the fast tomorrow for the month of ramadan’ Allah humma inni laka samtu wa bika amantu wa alaika tawakkaltu wa ‘ala rizkika aftarto‘O Allah! I fasted for You and … Continue reading

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Finding God

The person who helps his fellow man in a time of dire need is the one who earns the Pleasure of God. Finding God’s Pleasure and His Acceptance of one’s good actions is priceless. Losing God’s Favor and His Love … Continue reading

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Dua for Aftari (Arabic, Urdu and English)


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Dua for Sehri (Arabic, Urdu and English)


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Welcome O’ Ramadan

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