‘Sijjeen’ & ‘Illiyeen’

Record of wicked is in ‘Sijjeen’ and Record of the righteous is in ‘Illiyeen’
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[83. Surah Al-Mutaffifeen : Ayah 7-17]

“Nay! most surely the record of the wicked is in the Sijjeen. And what will make you know what the Sijjeen is? It is a written book. Woe on that day to the rejecters, Who give the lie to the day of judgment. And none gives the lie to it but every exceeder of limits, sinful one When Our communications are recited to him, he says: Stories of those of yore. Nay! rather, what they used to do has become like rust . upon their hearts. Nay! most surely they shall on that day be debarred from their Lord. Then most surely they shall enter the burning fire. Then shall it be said: This is what you gave the lie to.”

[83. Surah Al-Mutaffifeen : Ayah 8-28]

“Nay! Most surely the record of the righteous shall be in the Illiyyeen. And what will make you know what the highest Illiyyeen is? It is a written book, Those who are drawn near (to Allah) shall witness it. Most surely the righteous shall be in bliss, On thrones, they shall gaze; You will recognize in their faces the brightness of bliss. They are made to quaff of a pure drink that is sealed (to others). The sealing of it is (with) musk; and for that let the aspirers aspire. And the admixture of it is a water of Tasnim, A fountain from which drink they who are drawn near (to Allah).”

[83. Surah Al-Mutaffifeen : Ayah 29-36]

“Surely they who are guilty used to laugh at those who believe. And when they passed by them, they winked at one another. And when they returned to their own followers they returned exulting. And when they saw them, they said: Most surely these are in error; And they were not sent to be keepers over them. So today those who believe shall laugh at the unbelievers; On thrones, they will look. Surely the disbelievers are rewarded as they did.”
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