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Namaz and Science (urdu)

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Miracles of Hazrat Suleman Aleh Salam

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Miracles Attributed to Reading the Durood Shareef and Salaam

1. Once in India an Aalim had passed away and it was observed that for one month sweet fragrance used to arise from his bed and from his entire house. People enquired about this mystery. His son-in-law said that the … Continue reading

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The Speech of the Wolf – MIRACLE

Volume 3, Book 39, Number 517: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “While a man was riding a cow, it turned towards him and said, ‘I have not been created for this purpose (i.e. carrying), I have been created for … Continue reading

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Name of Allah everywhere

There are so many evidences now founded everywhere in this world of Allah’s name. And it’s a truth and prove what Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful said in The Quraan, “We will soon show them Our signs in … Continue reading

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Quran Miracle

Young Girl(8 yrs old) from karachi,Pakistan answering whatever asked from Quran

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